Goodbye Ceremony

by Spiritual Family Reunion



recorded live in 2008


released February 11, 2008



all rights reserved


Spiritual Family Reunion Nashville, Tennessee

An artist from another realm in the universe. A pure place that is timeless and authentic, unique with a powerful presence.
ызшкшегфд афьшдн кугтшщт
משפחה רוחנית איחוד

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Track Name: Shane
Shane was born in the mountains
and people say there's just no innocence anymore
but Shane had a slow way of talking
and his eyes shown like diamonds
when he'd see me at the bar
has anyone seen Shane?

You no Shane had a no count mama
we'd see him standing cold and hungry
up in the neighbor's yard
and Shane's father was always too tired from working
and from shooting up drugs with big rock stars
Has anyone seen Shane?

He knew how to love with all his heart
that's not something you can say
about most people anymore
Yeah he loved that one mean girl
and she's torn him all apart
heard him call out her name
but that's been year's ago
Has anyone seen Shane?

Lester said he saw Shane's truck flying by
down that mountain road
when he was having a smoke
it must have been just last night
and old man mohammed said Shane was down
at the corner store
he was buying two more forties of PBR

This morning they found Shane's truck
at the bottom of the holler
had a picture of that girl taped to his dashboard
Has anyone seen Shane?